Cardboard Heroes

What People Are Saying About Cardboard Heroes

"An easy solution is to use Steve Jackson Games' Cardboard Heroes."
– Greg Aleknevicus, The Games Journal

"This is the perfect product for those who've always wanted to use miniatures in their fantasy games, but never had the time or inclination to put a usable set together. At $19.95, it's a very solid deal. "
– Gary N. Mengle, review

"This is a stunning reprint of the entire line of all of the original fantasy Cardboard Heroes. They come on 16 spiral bound pages, and oh they look wonderful! Giants, ogres, orcs, undead, adventurers, dragons, and giants . . . oh my! Adventure ideas just ooze off of the pages here!"
– Scott Shafer, review

"Cardboard Heroes figures are indispensable for those of us who have no patience or coordination for metal figures. You'll still need a modicum of patience and the ability to cut and fold in straight lines, but that still beats trying to paint pupils on a dwarf blacksmith."
– Bob Portnell, review

"For your twenty dollars, you get 436 cardstock fantasy miniatures. These are 25mm scale, and painted in full color on both their front and back sides. The diverse array of figures ranges from the mundane (common animals and adventuring types) to the unusual (elementals, harpies, and living weapons). Also, Cardboard Heroes contains extra sets of minis for what the back cover describes as "foul creatures who favor horde tactics," such as orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, and undead. In addition, Cardboard Heroes includes a number of Far Eastern-themed figures like samurai and ninja that would be perfect for games such as Dragon Fist."
– K. Trane, review

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