Pyramid: Previous 'Future' Issues

The third volume of Pyramid often thought to the future – literally! – with an issue devoted to space or futuristic gaming. (In GURPS terms, this is anything from late TL8 and beyond.) This includes genres such as post-apocalypse or space opera, focussed topics like space colonies, and useful sci-fi gaming resources (who can't use more future technology?). This category is also where you'll find issues devoted to our futuristic settings, such as Transhuman Space.

Pyramid #4/03: Sci-Fi/Tech I

Pyramid #4/03: Sci-Fi/Tech I

The future is here, and it's awesome! This issue of Pyramid presents 12 articles and features designed for futuristic gamers. It includes a quick-and-dirty GURPS guide to adding scientific knowledge to your campaign, ready-to-use planets and locations, a new temporal-based power for GURPS Psionics, a guide to using GURPS Action as the basis for a GURPS Reign of Steel campaign, and more. Excitement is here, faster than light!

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Sample Articles

What kind of articles were in sci-fi/futuristic issues of Pyramid? Try these sample articles and see!

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