Pyramid: Previous 'Past' Issues

Many issues of Pyramid were devoted to a theme that tied in, roughly, to "times of yore." (In GURPS terms, this is anything from TL0 to TL4 – from the dawn of time through 1700 or so.) Since fantasy gaming is so popular, most of these issues also contain magical or fantasy-related ideas. Topics include historical exploration, magic on the battlefield, and tools for clerics.

Pyramid #4/01: Fantasy/Magic I

Pyramid #4/01: Fantasy/Magic I

A new era of greatness has arrived! Pyramid returns with an issue devoted to the fantastic, the magical, and maybe even the historical. The 12 articles and features herein include new GURPS Magic spells, encounters for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, several ready-to-use locations, and more uncanny additives for your whimsical worlds.

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Sample Articles

What kind of articles were in historical/fantasy issues of Pyramid? Try these sample articles and see!

You can also check out the introduction, table of contents, and sample pages for any issue of Pyramid, available via Warehouse 23!